Sunday, June 24, 2012

LETTERS TO OOM SCHALK - A War in the City of Roses?

Dear Oom Schalk,

The City of Manguang will, in the not too distant future, be hosting the African National Congress, who will be holding their Elective National Conference.

Manguang aka Bloemfontein, is, as Oom Schalk well knows, also known as the City of Roses and it dawned on me as the Sun popped its head over the horizon this morning -  that this blooming nom de plume could well be transplanted, temporarily, during December, to allow for a nom de plume, more suited to the occasion and the Party - The City of  Posers ... for govern they can't!

I must, at this juncture, assure you, Oom Schalk, and the good people of Bloemfontein that I mean no disrespect to their wonderful city. I use this descriptive name change in the literary sense only...

It is perhaps ironic, however, that 'Bloem' is also, in rugby terms,  known as the home of the Cheetah's, and, whilst I was tempted to play with the obvious 'double entendre' in the same context, I was mindful of the fact that I support the Sharks and might lose the tender support of  those near, dear and useful to me!

It could be said, that the conference is shaping up to be a replay of the 'War of the Roses' - pardon the pun, but when one gets on a roll it becomes difficult to slow down! There will certainly be more bric-bats than bouquets launched at the current Leadership.

The original War of the Rose's, was fought along religious lines between members of two Royal Families in England, the Tudor's and the York's, during the years 1455 and 1485 - It was eventually resolved when Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York and re-united the two families and England.

The Manguaung version will be between members of the ANC family, but fought along political lines. The process will be similar, much toyi-toying and mayhem whilst the populace and the country suffer. I can only hope that resolution of  the matter does not involve a further marriage... imagine, Oom Schalk, Zuma with another wife! Eisch... Spear the thought!

The Conference will follow well established lines, some might call them 'party' lines. There will be many cries of 'Amandla' and 'Viva, Viva ANC. There will be rhetoric and impassioned pleas for service delivery to the poor, as well as announcements of important new directions that the Party will follow, and, must follow to ensure that there is no delay in the serving of lunch.... Viva Viva Kentucky!

By all accounts, the 'Big Fellah' is going to have to prove that he can swim against the current. 'There is a tide in the affairs of men...', said Shakespeare and methinks, that despite the many protestations of loyalty proffered by some of  his seemingly loyal lieutenants, there are some who perhaps, 'protesteth too much'.

'Uneasy lies the head that wears a Crown', is another quote, that could find The Spear shaking... but I have little doubt that he will rise to the occasion and get the crowd right behind him with a stirring version "Awulethu Umshini Wami... Umshini Wam... Umshini Wam!

If he fails - he might find his opponents, in particular, the youth, responding in Afrikaans with an equally rousing excerpt from that Kurt Darren 'Hit' - Loslappie... 'En as 'n Bokkie hier vanaand by hom wil le - sy kan maar le - want hy's 'n loslappie...'

Ja Nee, Oom Schalk - Does a crown of thorns await the Victor in the City of Rose's?

I remain,
Die Uwe,
Spyker Koekemoer


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